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Small batch fruitcake made with all organic ingredients. No preservative and non GMO ingredients are used to make this intensely rich and wholesome cake laced with craft brandy. 


"YOU WON'T BE SORRY...FRUITCAKE IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS"   "I know, I know - everybody hates fruitcake. But not this one. Baked to order of locally sourced all-organic ingredients, this is the fruitcake you've always longed for.  No red and green cherries - just lots of great dried fruit and nuts (it weighs two and a half pounds.) Order now, from and you'll have fruitcake in time for Christmas. You won't be sorry....Ruth Reichl

"IT'S A WINNER"  Let me say your fruitcake is the best!!  Its wonderful, not too sweet and love the nuts.  Its a winner.  Listen if you are going to make more things for sale, seasonally or anything please email me!! I am a lifer!! Great job Robin and will be buying again!!  Marilyn

"YOU HAVE CONVERTED ME"  Your incredible cake was delivered in Charleston on Tuesday, the day after we arrived. Wow! I really ordered it for my husband as he grew up with his mother's hand crafted, old fashioned red and green cherry version. I was never a fan(an understatement)  until yours have converted me! Bill now sees exactly how awful the ones of his growing up really were. Now he has had the best! Many thanks for so graciously sending it after you had exhausted yourself. They should have run Ralph Gardner's article earlier!  Mary

"MY WIFE....THOUGHT IT WAS DELICIOUS'!   The cake arrived on Saturday - thank you.  It tastes great and I thought you should know that my wife, who does not like fruitcake, thought it was delicious! Merry Christmas to you!  John

"...LOVE YOUR ORGANIC/LOCAL VIEWS"  My husband ordered one of your fruitcakes but it didn't arrive in time for Christmas. I am so glad because now I have more to myself! It is fabulous! Never had a fruitcake that I liked. This I LOVE! And I love your organic/local views. Keep up the great baking!!  Lindy

"THE FRUITCAKE WAS THE BEST"  The fruitcake was the best we have ever had and has given us a new appreciation for them. Thank you Robin, Kurt and Linda 

"IT IS CRAZY GOOD"  I can't tell you how much we enjoyed having your fruitcake this morning. It is crazy good and made my son-in-law feel very at home (he said it's one of the best fruitcakes he's ever had). Thanks for making our Christmas especially delicious.  Cheers, Carolyn

.....Subject:     Delicious!!!

.....We tried the cake last night and it is wonderful. Thank you!  Beth

"MY MOM LOVES IT"  Hello! Thank you again for getting the cake to my parents before the 1st! My mom loves it and has been eating a small slice every day with her morning coffee :) Best, Dianne